WATCH LIVE: Shocking Munatsi family secret revealed

WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media discusses the secret details surrounding the death of ZIDA CEO, Douglas Munatsi and the rituals that have resulted in multiple deaths, spiritual manifestations and suicides in the extended Munatsi family.

Douglas Munatsi and his three sons

Did Douglas Munatsi start the fire in his apartment?

Members and friends around Douglas Munatsi have been implying that Douglas was killed. However, new information that has been presented to Gambakwe Media suggests that Douglas could have started the fire that killed him at around 3:00am on 29 September 2021.

A person with knowledge of the facts says Munatsi could have started the fire in his flat while in a deep trance, possessed by an avenging spirit. According to the source, the avenging spirit of Paul Kwangware who was murdered in 1980 by a member of the Munatsi family, Onismo Munatsi has been tormenting the Munatsi family for decades.

Who is Coletta?

According to the source, Coletta was likely a traditional healer ( Njuzu), who was attempting to cleanse Douglas Munatsi at his flat. It is possible that Colleta could have failed in her attempts and Munatsi manifested. Coletta may have left the flat, leaving Douglas in a trance at the mercy of Kwangware’s spirit.

Removal of Nails

Sources revealed that Kwangware, besides being a teacher and a businessman, was also a spirit medium. When the spirits possessed him, Kwangware would remove his nails.

According to media reports, when Douglas was found dead in his bedroom, he had no nails on his hands and toes. The source said Munatsi was possibly possessed at the time when the fire burned down his flat.

Ritual Murder

Circumstances surrounding the murder of Paul Kwangware are as follows:

Onismo Munatsi, who was a headmaster at St Thomas School in Masvingo, is said to have murdered Paul Kwangware, who was a teacher at St Martins school in Masvingo. Kwangware was a successful businessman in Ngundu.

Paul was travelling from St Martins to Dare, when he was abducted by Onismo and his accomplices.

The purpose of the ritual murder was for Onsimo to enhance his businesses through rituals performed on the body parts. After his murder, Kwangware’s body parts were taken to different places, including some that were placed in a shop at Mafenga. The shop was given Kwangware’s name, Chirashavana ( Ku Chirasha).

After the ritual, Onismo businesses boomed and locals believed that Kwangware’ spirit was being used to boost the businesses. It is believed that the same spirit was being used by some of the Munatsi children to boost their own businesses, including those in South Africa.

Avenging spirit

After some time, the spirit of Kwangware revolted and started to take revenge on the Munatsi family. va

According to numerous sources, the Munatsi family has been ravaged by death, mental illness (spiritual manifestations) and suicides for since 1980.

  1. The sons of Onismo (Christopher and Chrispen) used to manifest when they were students at Gokoere High.
  2. Onismos Munatsi was mentally ill by the time he died.
  3. Crispen became mentally ill and is always heavily medicated.
  4. Agartha Munatsi commited suicide at the UZ. She hanged herself with a coat hanger in the girls dorms.
  5. The son of Aneta Munatsi who is a teacher at Hippo Valley is manifesting.
  6. One of the Munatsi sons had to return from the USA after he started to manifest.
  7. The sons of Dougas Munatsi suffer periods of spiritual manifestation and epleptic fits, one of them admitted at the funeral that he is in and out of hospital.

Munatsi family delegation

In late 2020, the Kwangware family was led to the Munatsi homestead after the spirit of Paul Kwangare manifested.

The spirit demanded that the Munatsi family bring back the bones of Kwangware for burial. The spirit said once the message was delivered, the Kwangware children should not force or make any attempt to coerce the Munatsi family to act, as the spirit would cause havoc in the family until the Munatsi family acted.

Christopher Munatsi is the wealthiest among the Munatsi family after Douglas

According to voice notes heard by Gambakwe Media, the Munatsi family agreed to send a delegation to the Kwangware family and work together to resolve the issue.

However, the eldest brother, Christopher, who is based in South Africa, drove home over the December holidays in a convoy and prevented the rest of the family ( Sisters Aneta and Monica), from proceeding with the journey.

Christopher has a massive construction company in Pretoria

Christopher Munatsi responds

Gambakwe Media spoke to Christopher Munatsi, the multi-millionaire founder Clear Choice Builders, a massive construction company with its head office in Pretoria, said he refuses to be involved in the issue.

Christopher said he does not believe in avenging spirits and will not discuss the matter with the Kwangware family because he was not present when the murder occurred.

Christopher said if the family felt that a crime was committed, they should report the matter to the police. He said, regarding the bones of their father, the Kwangware family can cometo him if they want and he will take them to his father, Onismos’ grave, so that they can ask him and he will direct them to where the bones of their father Kwangware is buried.

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