Hopewell Chinono Wins Court Case Against the State

Multiple award winning independent journalist, Hopewell Chinono has won a court case against the government.

On Monday midday, High Court judge Justice Siyabona Musithu cleared Hopewell Chinono of wrongdoing in a matter he was accused of inciting public violence after he tweeted about the July 31st movement demonstrations.

Justice Musithu ruled that the charges lack essential elements & particulars as maybe reasonably sufficient to inform the freelance journalist of the nature of the charges he faces.

He said the contradiction in the charge sheet and state outline leave Chin’ono unsure about the offence which he is alleged to have committed.

He also concluded that the State was on a fishing expedition when it arrested & prosecuted Chin’ono as charges preferred against him lacked the required particulars.


Chinono took to social media to announce that he has been cleared off by the High Court.

“The High Court of Zimbabwean has dismissed the charges against me for Incitement to Public Violence. It means my arrest was & my case were trumped up as I have always argued!I spent the past 15 months in jails and courts for something that I didn’t do!. It was cruel and tragic!,” he posted.