In fighting has broken out among MDC Alliance backers over Nelson Chamisa ‘s amoured car fund.

The fund, which was started on GoFundMe by US based Mudhara Wekwa Bee (T Bvisai), has raised about USD114 000 of the targeted USD 120 000 from thousands of members.

Besides Bvisai, other members of the fundraising team include Henry Munashe Jaji, Tino Mudzekenyedzi, Juma Ulete, Munyaradzi Ncube and Tino Mambeu:

Writing on Facebook, prominent UK based journalist, Simba Chikanza said:

Some CIOs are busy thinking they can infiltrate Nelson Chamisa helping in purchasing him an amoured car, hoping he will go the Tsvangirai lane. DOES CHAMISA TW_ERK FOR MONEY? 

Others on Chikanza ‘side say Chamisa is falling into a trap and the new car will cause a split in the Alliance.

On the other hand are people like AmChambi, who said the fund raising is genuine.

AmChambi wrote :

The car for Chamisa campaign is not a CIO let project at all. Mudhara B who is leading it has donated a lot towards the famous rural soccer tournaments and a very active member in USA. I am proud of him and his works a true leader.

There was controversy after the 2018 elections, when Senator Khaliphani Phugeni revealed that Chamisa’s car was bought by ZANU-PF funder, Kuda Tagwirei.

The emerging of two camps in the MDC Alliance show that the party continues to struggle with working as a cohesive unit.

Mudhara Wekwa Bee did not respond to enquires by Gambakwe Media on the matter.