WATCH: Douglas Munatsi wife speech leaves many unanswered questions

The speech by Douglas Munatsi’s wife,  Bindzile Lukhele and his son Douglas Tawanda Munatsi Junior,  has left Zimbabweans with many unanswered questions.

Munatsi married Swaziland born Bandzile in 1985 and they have three sons together,  Tawanda Musa Munatsi, Bongani Rukudzo Munatsi and Douglas Tawanda Munatsi JNR.

In a strange speech that was punctuated by nevous laughter and religious statements,  Bindzile avoided giving clarity on key unanswered questions.

Bindzile and her sons were speaking at Celebration Church in Borrowdale, during a memorial service that was attended by government ministers, businessmen , friends and relatives.

Some unanswered Questions 

1. When did she last speak to Munatsi?

2. When did she last see Munatsi?

3. Why was Bindzile living in the UK while Munatsi lived alone in Zimbabwe?

Please watch the video above this post for more details.