Watch: Thomas Mapfumo urges young people to protect their legacy

Chimurenga music legend Thomas Mapfumo has urged young people of Zimbabwe to protect their legacy from criminals.

Mapfumo said young people must seize the moment before it’s too late and chase away those making them poor.

“If we fail to eat with others, while others are dying of Hunger; that’s not what we want; get out of your houses and remove these scarfed people. Remove them; chase them out because they are the ones making you poor.

“If you keep silent fearing death, it’s going to fail on your side; You are going to spend the next 100 years. As for us, we’ll be gone. Because no generation on earth last forever. Each generation comes and goes. Understand this.

“This inheritance belongs to you young people; Yet you’re allowing it to be messed up, seeing clearly we are heading nowhere. It’s the wrong direction. Come on, wake up, demonstrate that you have the power, you can change things. The things of these days are only for the young people, they are not for the old. No.

“Those who are now old, get out, make way for the young, to do the job because it’s now their time. This inheritance is your, you young people, but you are allowing it to be messed up while you are watching, seeing clearly that we are going in the wrong direction. No, wake up. Stand up and show that you have the powers.