War Veterans Call for the Resignation of VP Chiwenga

The Zimbabwe War Veterans allegedly held a meeting on Thursday calling for the resignation of Vice President Chiwenga.


According to multiple reports, the war veterans have set a list of allegations against the VP and the drama is unfolding.


The sources said  the War veterans tabled their concerns to the relevant authorities after the meeting.


However, efforts to contact the Secretary in Charge of war veterans, Cde Douglas Mahiya or the Chairman of the War Veterans, Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa, were fruitless, as they were said to be in a high level meeting.

Sources close to the meeting, indicate that the war veterans want VP Chiwenga to go.


The Chief Secretary to the President, Misheck Sibanda, acknowledged receiving concerns on the conduct of VP Chiwenga.


Last month, war veterans came out guns blazing against President Emmerson Mnangagwa, dismissing his “sanctions” mantra, giving examples of how his children were getting fatter by the day while theirs starved.


They also expressly said they were not afraid to die for their cause.


Having had their demonstration dramatically halted by anti-riot officers who sealed off Africa Unity Square which had been publicised as the meeting point, War Veterans told journalists they regretted having gone to war.


They had attempted to congregate and march to Mnangagwa’s Munhumutapa office where they wanted to hand over a petition detailing their grievances.