STUNNING New Pictures of Coleta revealed

Coleta has disappeared into thin air

New stunning pictures of the mysterious model, @Collettaa_ have been released on social media this afternoon.

The pictures include a Toyota Fortuner with personalized Zimbabwe number plates and various pictures that appear to have been taken in the dessert ( Dubai).

Coleta has became a mystery figure after she was cited in Zimbabwe intelligence reports as having been the last person at the flat of the late ZIDA CEO, Douglas Munatsi.

Munatsi died on Monday morning at around 3am, in a mysterious fire that has left Zimbabweans baffled.

Pictures of the fashion model called Coco Colletaa_ have been circulating on social media since Monday, but she has remained elusive.

Zimbabwe police have not commented further on the case and have not asked Coleta to come forward.

President Mnangagwa announced that Munatsi will be accorded a state assisted funeral, citing his contribution to Zimbabwe’s development.

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