WATCH: Davido explains how he was born in America to Billionaire Adedeji Adeleke

Davido's father is billionaire Adedeji Adeleke

Popular Nigerian superstar, Davido, has explained how he was born in America. Speaking to earn your leisure YouTube channel, Davido said his father was studying for an MBA in Kentucky, while his mother was studying for hers in Atlanta.

Davido said the village in Nigeria used to pool money together to send one student to America per year. This is how his parents moved to America.

Davido, said he is the last born of five kids. He was the only child who they left behind in Nigeria and he would go to America on holidays.

Key Points from the discussion

  1. Davido said although his father Adedeji Adeleke is a billionaire, he spends his money carefully and lives a modest life. Davido said when his father became a billionaire, he didnt even know it.
  2. Davido said when he was young, his father was always about work and he remembers him coming home late every day.
  3. Davido said when they moved to their new house that is when he realised that his father was a billionaire businessman.
  4. Davido said he did not tell his father that he was going to be a musician. His father had to find out from other people. Davido would record when his father was away.
  5. Davido studied business management in the USA at 15 years old. He wanted to go to school in the UK, but his father was adamant. Davido said when he got to America that is when he discovered himself.
  6. Davido went to a college in Tennesse and didn’t like it. He met a teacher who referred him to HBCU. After a year he was in a dorm room and heard music. He went up to the room and saw a studio setup. The guy sold him the mobile studio for $800.
  7. After 3 months, Davido said he changed his major from business management to music.
  8. Davido said in class he met some Jamaicans and moved in with them. He wasnt in school anymore. His father found out he was not in school anymore.
  9. Davido moved back to Nigeria and his father wanted him to go back to school.
  10. He would go to school Monday to Friday in the village and during the weekends he would be in the city producing music.
  11. When his music got popular, he left school. His father came after him with police.
  12. When he dropped the song Dami Duro, his father embraced his music. The song was so popular that even the President was playing it.

13. His father agreed that he could do shows when he didnt have lessons and after three years Davido got his degree in business management and music.

14. Davido said when he signed in 2016 to an American label, Sony, they didn’t have a subsidiary in Nigeria. After signing, things were more structured.

15. Davido said his deal with Sony is from the UK.

16. At first, Sony wanted him to do what they thought would sell. He told them he would not produce music if they did not let him produce that he liked.

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