Katsande Finally Registers his Fashion Company ‘Boss Yamboka”

Former Kaizer Chiefs defensive midfielder, Willard Katsande has finally registered his fashion company “Boss Yamboka”.

Katsande took to social media to update his followers about his new company.

“Hello Guys,finally we registered our clothing brand BossYaMboka,will drop our Facebook handle tomorrow. Enjoy the brand,the brand belongs to you. The launch is next end of Jan.we looking forward to make you happy ❤️ (2022) ,” he posted.

Few weeks ago, Katsande revealed that he has decided to venture into fashion business as his side hustle.

It looks like Willard Katsande who has been keeping his followers entertained with his unique fashion looks during the lockdown has hearkened to his followers who suggested that he should start his own fashion line.




Going by the title of Boss Ya Mboka Kitoko Makasi, Willard Katsande is undoubtedly one of the most stylish football personalities, it doesn’t come as a surprise that he has finally decided to venture into the fashion business.