Charles Saruro stranded in the mountains after losing his job at Gunhill avenues

A man from Glen Norah, Charles Saruro, is now living in the mountains after he was kicked out of his main job.

In an interview with Hmetro, Sauro said way back before he went to the mountains, he was involved in an accident and was badly injured to such an extend that he couldn’t work properly.

He added:“I was a caretaker for such a long time at Gunhill avenues and they booted me out because I was no longer able to provide enough labour due to the injuries “.

The information that community is eager to know is ,whether this old man has no where else to live or whether he has no family and close relatives?

“I don’t have a wife but am not sure if I have children or not because I have been sexually harassed ever since I was a young boy” -H-Metro