Souljah Love’s Mnangagwa Song Leaks

AWARD-winning Zimdancehall chanter Soul Musaka, popularly known as Soul Jah Love or Sauro, has dropped a Mnangagwa song nine months after his death.


The energetic Zimdancehall pioneer succumbed to diabetes on 16 February, but since then his legacy still lives on.

Souljah love died before the release of his over 50 songs which are allegedly held by various music producers.

Few days ago, Souljah Love’s single titled “Nzwisiso” was released.


The song was written by the late crooner, and produced by Oskid, and published by Stewart Nyamayaro.


The music video also features extravagant socialite and prophet Passion Java and Tendai Musaka, brother of the late Sauro.


The Pamamonya Ipapo hit maker’s legacy still lives on even after his death with other music tracks such as Simudza gumbo, Nyuchi, Rudo, and Nzwisiso being released posthumously.