Watch: Dj Fantan Explains How Silent Killer Brutally Attacked his Young Brother

Prominent Zimbabwean producer, Dj Fantan has broke his silence following rumours that his young brother has been murdered by Zimdancehall chanter, Jimmy Mudereri, better known as Silent Killer.


In a video widely circulating on social media, Dj Fantan confirmed that Silent Killer and his three friends attacked his brother.



However, Fantan rubbished allegations that his brother has died.


“I received a call from my mother yesterday morning. She was crying saying that my young brother had been brutally murdered by Silent Killer and his 3 friends of which one of them was a police officer. We ran to Mbare Police Station and the police said there was no report of such a crime. We then drove to Matapi police station and there was no such case. We then took the police to where Silent Killer stays and we found my young brother lying down, full of blood. Silent Killer had blood in his clothes. However, my young brother was not dead by in a critical condition, unable to speak. We rushed him to the Harare Hospital because the police insisted, “ he said.


He also confirmed that Silent Killer and his two other friends were arrested immediately.


However, one of them who referred to himself as a police officer had escaped the crime scene.