Sweden’s First Female PM Resigns Hours After Appointment

Sweden’s first female Prime Minister, Magdalena Andersson has resigned from office hours after being voted in.


Andersson was elected as prime minister earlier on Wednesday.


Her election at the head of a minority government followed an 11th-hour deal with the opposition Left party, in exchange for higher pensions for many Swedes.

She also secured the support of coalition partner the Greens.

Under Swedish law, she only needed a majority of MPs not to vote against her.

Of the 349 members of the Riksdag, 174 voted against her. But on top of the 117 MPs who backed Ms Andersson, a further 57 abstained, giving her victory by a single vote.


Meanwhile, the Green Party has also decided to leave the minority coalition government with Andersson’s Social Democrats.

“The current government will remain as an interim government until a new government is in place,” the Green Party said.


Andersson, 54, said she had told the speaker of Parliament she hoped to be reappointed as prime minister at the head of a single-party, Social Democrat government.