The Finance and Economic Development Permanent Secretary George Guvamatanga has been appointed to the Board of the Eastern and South African Trade and Development Bank Group (TDB Group).


In a statement released on Wednesday, Professor Mthuli Ncube said President Mnangagwa approved the appointment of Guvamatanga.


“The appointment which is for an initial period of three years is with effect from 01 October 2021 and covers Botswana, Eritrea, Rwanda, Mauritius and Zimbabwe,” said Mthuli Ncube.


The group was established in 1985 and it was previously called the Preferentiap Trarde Area Bank (PTA).


“The bank’s mandate is to finance and foster trade, regional economic integration and sustainable development, through trade finance, project and infrastructure finance, asset management and business advisory services,” said Mthuli.

Guvamatanga is an experienced banker with nearly 30 years experience in the sector mainly with Barclays Bank.



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