Miss Greece, Rafael Plastira Withdraws From Miss Universe 

Miss Greece, Rafael Plastira has withdrawn from the Miss Universe competition.


She took to her social media pages to confirm that she will not be participating in the Miss Universe pageant scheduled to take place in Eilat, Israel next month.


“My dear supporters, I unfortunately have to announce something that hurts my heart. I’m still Miss Universe Greece. I feel the need to give you all an explanation. And it hurts me because I’ve waited so may ways to make my dream come true but also wanted to show you what I’m capable of,” she announced.


In another post she said: “I will not be attending Miss Universe this year. The reason for that is the country. I am absolutely not disrespecting the country. I love all countries from all over the world but my heart goes to all the people fighting for their lives in Israel and Palestina. I can’t go up that stage and act like nothing is happening when people are fighting for their lives out there.”


In another post, she wrote: “I may not live in Palestine but Palestine lives in my heart forever. I see humans but not humanity. Pray for Palestine.”

Her withdrawal comes after the Republic of South Africa announced that it won’t participate in the Miss Universe pageant.