Jonathan Moyo slams Chamisa for chosing NHM instead of CCC

Exiled former Zimbabwe information minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, has questioned why MDC Alliance President, Nelson Chamisa prefers Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana #NHM , instead of Citizens Convergence for Change (#CCC). .

Citizens Convergence for Change was launched early this year to mobilise first time voters and get volunteers to adopt polling agents in the 2023 elections.

Upon its launch, some thought it should be the name of a new coalition built around Nelson Chamisa’s leadership.

Posting on twitter, Moyo said,”

It is difficult to understand how and why the powerful and widely supported idea of a “CITIZENS CONVERGENCE FOR CHANGE” (#CCC) launched by the
@mdczimbabwe at the beginning of the year; has not developed beyond a hashtag which has now lost to #NHM, as the end of the year beckons!”.

Moyo said hashtag Ngapinde Hake Mukomana is growing with pro-democracy activists and MDC Alliance officials using it to mobilise voters compared to the #CCC

The former minister warned the MDC Alliance to take the necessary legal steps to protect CCC as a name to outmaneuver proxies that wanted to capitalise on the main opposition’s political clout.