Emmanuel Makandiwa Threatens to Sue Proff Ex

PROMINENT Zimbabwean religious leader, Emmanuel Makandiwa has threatened to sue South African based social, Proff Ex.


In a video widely circulating on social media, Proff Ex said Makandiwa must come direct to his house if he wants to sue him.


“Makandiwa don’t be a coward if you want to sue me, you know my address please come to my doorstep with your lawyers,” Proff Ex said.


“Don’t be afraid Makandiwa I won’t even talk to you or attack you. My lawyer will handle all this,” he added.


“Makandiwa if you want to go legal use the right channels, serve with papers since you know my address. I will send them to my lawyer. I won’t talk to you or negotiate the court will decide,” he added.



Proff Ex released a video challenging Makandiwa after he saw an article titled “Makandiwa’s Pastor Wins Court Case”.


“I saw an article titled “Makandiwa’s pastor wins court case against Proff Ex. I don’t even know anything about the court case. They are celebrating a victory in which I wasn’t involved,” said Proff Ex.