Passion Java to Preside over Olinda Chapel and Titan’s Wedding

The founder and leader of Passion Java Ministries, Panganayi Java popularly known as Prophet Passion Java is set to preside over the wedding ceremony of Zimbabwean businesswoman, Olinda Chapel Nkomo and her husband Titan.

Olinda Chapel invited Java to be the pastor during the wedding which is set to take place July next year.

She took to social media to beg Passion Java to accept the invitation.

“Passion Java I am inviting you to be the pastor at our wedding. Ndimi mucha tibatanidza na Titus.See you in July,” she posted.

Few weeks ago, Olinda and his husband announced that they are expecting a baby soon.

The relationship of the two socialites has been full of ups and downs.

The couple usually take their fights to social media instead of solving their issues without involving their fans.