POPULAR Goodness and Mercy Ministries leader Prophet Tapiwa Freddy has took to social media to show off his wife days after being accused of r_pe.
Prophet T Freddy was arrested on Wednesday facing r_pe charges.
However, he was Thursday released by a Harare magistrate on free bail.
He was facing charges of raping a 33-year-old Harare woman.
According to the state, the complainant’s husband fell ill in November 2019, and she sought spiritual help from Freddy. However, after the prayers, her husband’s health did not improve.
“The accused person (Freddy) invited the complainant to his workplace and gave her US$2 500 to ferry her husband to Karanda Hospital for medical attention. However, barely a week later, complainant’s husband died in hospital and the accused person offered assistance towards the burial,” the state said.

Freddy, the police were told, then asked the complainant if he could visit her son in the rural areas, and she agreed. He returned to Harare with the son, arriving at the woman’s Mt Pleasant Heights home in the evening.

The self-styled prophet allegedly told the complainant it was late and requested to sleep.

It is alleged Freddy slept on the complainant’s bed while she sat on a chair.

However, moments later, he allegedly went over to her, “forcefully lifted her and placed her on the bed” before raping her without using protection. The prophet continued visiting the complainant and raped her each time he visited.

Freddy denies the rape charges and accuses the complainant of extortion.