Khanyi Mbau spends R1million on Kudzai Mashonga’s birthday

Khanyi Mbau has spent 1 million on her on boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga’s birthday.

Khanyi recently returned home after a huge successful Netflix feature debut. She couldn’t wait to return back to her boyfriend in Dubai, once everything was finished.

Khanyi couldn’t wait to pamper Kudzai on his birthday.

The two shared videos of the whole thing online throughout the day.

Mrs K, as she calls herself on social media, had a whole day planned out for Kudzai, and it is the stuff of dreams. 

They first proceeded to the Five Palm Jumeirah spa. Depending on the package, the spa treatments range from R1000 to R5000. Then they splurged on champagne. Et il s’agit d’.

Kudzai gushed about Khanyi. Superwoman, he said, kissing her. He counseled his bret “MY PEOPLE Males of all ages, big and tiny. A woman who will deliver a Gucci bag full of cash, he said. For his birthday, his baby brought him a million dollars!