Women to bath in front of Hopewell Chin’ono ‘s house

In a shocking turn of events, women in Zimbabwe have ganged up against popular award winning Zimbabwean journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono.

This comes after Chin’ono insulted Lead President, Linda Masarira on Twitter.

African Delinquent, a platform for African feminists and activists led by MDC Alliance Vice President, Welshman Ncube ‘s daughter, Gugu Ncube, wrote on Twitter :

Dear Hopewell. This is very wrong. You can do better than this….or do you want us to organize ourselves n come n bath right in front of you. We can do dat….We can do dat… Without fear or shame n show u what u want to see. Don’t insult us as women. @lilomatic don’t be intimidated by any man.

Chin’ono has not apologized to Masarira, in spite of the backlash.

It remains to be seen if the threats of hundreds of women bathing in front of his house will make Chin’ono apologize.

A few years ago, Gugu Ncube took off her clothes in protest after she was fired from her job at UNISA.