Furious Passion Java quit AAG in a huff

Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that popular USA based millionaire and prophet, Passion Java, quit the Affirmative Action Group over three months ago after falling out with Billionaire Phillip Chiyangwa and President Mike Chimombe.

According to the sources, Java decided that he could be better off supporting ED Mnangagwa ‘s 2023 Presidential campaign directly than through the AAG, which he believes has too much internal politics, is lethargic and is ineffective.

Issues are said to have came to head after Passion Java brought his friends who wanted to invest in the mining and tourism sectors.

The group is said to have been flown to Matabeleland North to view various opportunities. Java was shocked to find out that the AAG group that traveled with the investors had flown out from Binga and left the investors stranded.

The sources revealed that Java had to charter another jet to go and pick up the investors.

Soon after this incident, Passion Java is said to have angrily quit the AAG, where he was appointed Vice President by Phillip Chiyangwa.

Passion is afraid of being dragged into politics. He is not sure about the political dynamics at play, said the source.

The source said Java plans to spend more time in Zimbabwe and does not want any problems.

It is widely believed that Chiyangwa and some key players in the AAG see themselves as kingmakers and have political ambitions.

This has made ZANU-PF insiders uncomfortable with the AAG, with some leaders believing that the group wants to capture or has captured the President, ED Mnangagwa.

This week, a group of over 20 men robbed one of  Chiyangwa’s homes, getting away with valuables.

No one in Zimbabwe has capacity to organize such an operation, except for state actors, said the source.

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