Prominent Zimbabwean comedian, Tyra Chikocho popularly known as Madam Boss has rubbished rumours on affair with Passion Java.

In an interview with Dj Ola of Star FM, Madam Boss said she has never dated with Prophet Passion Java.

“As a public figure I like associating with many people. People saw pictures of myself with Passion Java and they thought I’m dating with him. I have never dated with him. I have a very good husband whom I would never trade for any other man,” said Madam Boss.

She went on to the set the record straight on allegations that his husband, Mhofela depends on her money.

“I would like to set the record straight. Mhofela doesn’t depend on my money. He has got a lot of money compared to myself. He has got farms, furniture businesses. We use his money for everything including groceries. Currently I’m selling sugar beans and onions at my home. I have never posted about that in any of my social media pages because my husband is pushing his business perfectly, ” she added.

In the past months, Mhofela had been accused of depending on Madam Boss’ money.

Java was also believed to be dating with Madam Boss.

However, Madam Boss has rubbished all the rumours.

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