Taffy the man gains 100k followers on Facebook

Content creator Taffy the man has reached 100 000 followers on facebook after his old page Zimba.com was hacked.

Posting on social media, Taffy said he has managed to get to 100 000 followers without endorsements from anyone.

N”o social media fights (fake or real),no Mbinga Endorsements,no newspaper feature,no radio or t.v interview,never gone to any of the so called big platforms ndichiti ndiposteiwo
Yet we keep moving

Taffy added that no amount of sabotage can stop him from rising to the top.

“A year ago my old page Zimba.com was hacked,it had so many followers,I had to start afresh 365 days later here we are No amount of sabotage or snub-otage can stop the rise of an idea whose time has come”.

He added that he will not stop doing doing his political satires despite threats and negative criticism he faces.

“I will not stop doing my political satire just so I can make certain individuals and corporates comfortable enough to work with me
Money is good,but it is not the reason why I do what I do,passion is (not Java)I would rather own and control 100% of a little than be 100% owned and controlled for much If we are gona work together it has to be from a position of mutual respect I know my worth Thank you 😊”.