Shocking pictures of Marry Mubaiwa going to remand prison for 10 days

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife Marry Mubaiwa was sent to prison for 10 days on Tuesday to allow two state doctors to determine if she is mentally fit to stand trial.

Two doctors who examined the 40-year-old former model gave conflicting opinions on her physical and mental state to be tried on charges of false representation.

“A report by a psychiatrist indicated that the accused has a mental disorder. The trial cannot, therefore, proceed at this stage in light of the evidence that this court has been furnished with that the accused has a mental disorder. This matter will therefore be postponed,” magistrate Lazini Ncube ruled, relying on Section 26 of the Mental Health Act.

A number of Lawyers called the magistrate’s ruling a “grave injustice.”

“Clearly we think this is a horrific injustice. It seems the state is persecuting our client pursuing personal agendas. Putting someone who is clearly, extremely unwell into prison custody is a grave injustice,” a member of her legal team Doug Coltart said outside court.

“We’ll immediately take this decision on review to the High Court and try to have it overturned as quickly as possible so that she can be taken out of custody, but of course you’re very well aware that these court processes take time and in the meantime she will be languishing in prison.”

David coltart aslo condemnend the judge’s ruling on sick Mubaiwa.

“The action of the courts, seemingly with the approval of the powers that be, to detain this seriously ill woman who urgently needs specialist treatment outside #Zimbabwe, is a shocking travesty of justice. All, particularly women, should be outraged”