Doves exhumes 2 bodies from one grave in Doves ’empty coffin’ burial scandal

Police on Wednesday exhumed two bodies buried in one grave at a cemetery in Harare, hoping to solve the mystery of an empty coffin of Maxwell Chimwamurombe.

Police detectives watched as Doves funeral undertakers carefully dug up a coffin at Granville Mbudzi Cemetery, which they opened to reveal two bodies. One of those bodies is believed to be that of Chimwamurombe, who died in March in a drowning incident.

The coffin was loaded onto the back of a police Ford Ranger and driven to the Parirenyatwa Hospital mortuary, where DNA samples are expected to be collected in the hope of identifying the individual buried alongside the pauper.

ZimLive reports that one of the bodies which were exhumed is believed to be that of Maxwell Chimwamurombe, who died in March in a drowning incident in Mutoko.

The police have since taken the coffin to the Parirenyatwa Hospital mortuary for DNA testing.
Meanwhile, the police are also expected to conduct the second exhumation in Nyanga, to confirm that a coffin was buried without a body.

Doves Holdings Zimbabwe recently came under fire after they were accused of giving the Chimwamurombe family an empty coffin. The funeral services company is said to have buried an empty coffin in Nyanga after the body of the late Maxwell Chimwamurombe was inexplicably left behind at its parlour in Harare.

Upon realising the shocking mistake, the funeral service company is alleged to have launched a massive cover-up that saw them burying the body of Maxwell Chimwamurombe in a mass grave without the family’s knowledge.