Watch: Chief Chikwaka Speaks About Prophet Freddy Extortion

Chief Chikwaka has finally broke his silence about the Prophet T Freddy extortion by ZBC presenter Rutendo.


Few days ago, Chikwaka fined popular Harare preacher, Tapiwa Freddy, three goats for allegedly raping ZBC Radio personality, Rutendo Makuti known as Sisi Ruru.

The Chief confirmed that he indeed called Freddy to his court.


He said Freddy made a U-turn and sought to return to Harare but the police officers who were manning a roadblock, at the instruction of Chief Chikwaka, blocked him and brought him back.

He said Freddy confessed that he indeed slept with Rutendo without her consent.


“I called Freddy after Rutendo had told me about the alleged rape. I told him “I am coming to you as your Sekuru, come let’s discuss this issue that Rutendo has brought before us. She says you are distressing her.


He said he was busy and I told him it was for his benefit to make his side of the story known to us as Rutendo was threatening to get him arrested. 


But because the issues involved an alleged rape, I alerted the police so they would attend the meeting and start an investigation. 3 officers were dispatched.


Freddy drove down that night and he was met by our security guard. He however left soon after the security guard came to advise us of his arrival.


My interest in the matter was that of a Sekuru as Rutendo is my distant relative. I was not coming in as an officer of the law as they are not resident under my jurisdiction as chief. That’s why I did not issue any summons. He came voluntarily.


We didn’t know why he had decided to drive back so we asked the police at the roadblock to intercept him and they did.


We followed him to the roadblock and asked him why he had fled. He said he had panicked because of my sizeable chief’s residence and the security there.


I told him he had erred as the allegations against him were serious. He agreed to return with us to my homestead.


At home, we sat him down and explained the allegations Rutendo had against him.


He confessed that he had indeed raped Rutendo.


Rutendo had also told us that Freddy was interfering with her work accusing her of being involved with other men at the ZBC.


Freddy asked for forgiveness and signed a piece of paper agreeing to not interfere with Rutendo’s life and work. In exchange, Rutendo would not proceed with the rape allegations. He agreed that if he did not live up to the agreement, Rutendo report the rape to the police,” said Chikwaka.