Zanu PF youth member Tendai Chirau has defended Seh Calaz against Passion Java.

This comes amid Java’s Instagram posting dissing Seh Calaz after releasing his third album this year, saying that was a sign of ‘kupera.’

Posting on twitter, Chirau said Ghetto youths deserve some respect.

“Ini hangu handifarire kutukwa kwe ma youth ekughetto kunyanya neavo vanozviti vanebag….. Ghetto youth deserve respect”

In response Seh Calaz posted a video saying Java should mind his own business before he exposes him.

The Mabhanditi leader said Java was bitter because he could not sign the chanter under his Passion Java records.

Seh Calaz warned the prophet not to play with God and to be straight up in all the things he do.