Prophet T Freddy Denies Ra_ping ZBC Presenter Rutendo Makuti.

Prophet T Freddy and his ministry have denied rape allegations of ra_ping Rutendo Makuti and sleeping with her before a year had lapsed since the death of her husband, violating traditional norms.

It is alleged that sometime in 2020 Freddy had a relationship with Makuti and during the relationship, Makuti is said to have started threatening to expose their affair if he did not meet her financial and material demands.

Freddy, who is married, was then summoned by Chief Chikwaka in August 2021 and upon his arrival at the chief’s homestead he was tipped that there were some police officers who wanted to extort him.

He made a U-turn and sought to return to Harare but was stopped by some police officers who were manning a roadblock and was forced to get back to the chief’s homestead.

The chief allegedly accused him of raping Makuti and sleeping with her before a year had lapsed since the death of her husband, violating traditional norms.

Freddy promised to pay US$15 000. In addition, the chief ordered him to pay three goats and Freddy promised to return at a later date with the money and the goats.
It is alleged that the chief made the pastor sign an agreement which was authored by an Inspector Jaji.

Upon their return to Harare, Makuti told Freddy to hand over the US$15 000 to her personally since she is the one who was aggrieved.
He handed over a Mercedes Benz E250 valued at US$15 000.

It is alleged after some days, Makuti started threatening Freddy again, saying his secretary Nollen Mundawaro had insulted her so she wanted a compensation of US$20 000.

On Thursday, Makuti’s brother demanded that he pays up the US$20 000 and that he signs an acknowledgement that he had raped her, failure which would result in him exposing their affair.

Freddy reported the matter to the police.
Makuti was arrested after she was lured to meet with Freddy to purportedly to discuss the payment of the US$20 000.

The US$ 15 000 was recovered.
Makuti was arrested last week on charges of extorting a popular Harare preacher.

She was arraigned before Harare Magistrate Court Magistrate Sheunesu Matova on Friday who remanded her to December 9 for routine remand.

The 35-year-old was released on $5 000 bail and ordered not to interfere with state witnesses.