WATCH LIVE: Zimbabwe to introduce new crypto currency: Guest – Panganai Mhlanga

Zimbabwe government denies that its planning to introduce Crypto currencies

Watch Live as Gambakwe Media looks at the recent viral story that Zimbabwe will be introducing a new crypto currency (crypto coin).

Key points for discussion

  1. Why is the RBZ and the ministry of finance quiet?
  2. Where did the story come from?
  3. What problem is the RBZ trying to solve?
  4. What is the problem with ecocash?
  5. What are the other case studies from other central banks?
  6. Recommendations for Zimbabwe?
  7. What is the future of Crypto?
  8. What are the key risks and opportunities of crypto for Zimbabwe?

Please watch the video above this post for more details.

Key developments in Crypto

  1. El Salvado became the first country to introduce bitcoin as legal tender – 7 September 2021
  2. Nigeria rolls out National digital currency – 21 October 2021
  3. Case study for South Africa – Luno.