Will Smith apologises for failing to save his mother from his abusive father

Will Smith has apologised to his mother for failing to save her from his abusive father.

Smith gave brief details of the moment his mother was abused in his new memoir, “Will,”.

Smith, 53, writes in his book that his movie star persona is a construction created to hide “the coward,” a description of himself that stems from a traumatic part of his childhood.

“In that same chapter, I talk about the idea my father was abusive with my mother,” Smith said. “And I was probably 9, and I watched my father beat up my mother. And I was too scared to do anything. And just on my young mind, it became imprinted.

“It’s like, what kind of kid stands there and lets somebody hit their mother and they don’t do anything, you know? And that became really the core trauma of my childhood that my personality and my persona became to form around, to be the opposite of that, you know? I was never going to be scared again.”