Jacob Sedze pledges US$1000 to stop ZANU-PF vote rigging in Uzumba-Maramba Pfungwe

MDC A activist, Jacob Lawrence Sedze has pledged us$1000 to stop ZANU-PF vote rigging in Uzumba-Maramba Pfungwe (UMP).

Sedze said the funding is meant for deploying election monitors and plug off loopholes at Uzumba.

“In 2018, MDC-A failed to deploy agencies to monitor the election process in most parts of Uzumba, increasing vote rigging!

‘I’m therefore going to pledge USD1000 for the party to deploy election agencies in Uzumba!
@daddyhope screenshot this & remind me in January 2023!”

UMP is believed to be a determining ‘electoral college’ in Zimbabwean elections which has over the years swayed the vote in favor of ZANU-PF, amid vote rigging claims.

Meanwhile, Sedze encourages fellow youths to contest for Parliamentary seats in 2023. He says young people should flood Parliament come 2023 and urged politial parties to invest in the youths.

“In 2023, I wish to run for a parliamentary seat. I am never too young to lead, I wish to encourage young pple to contest as MPs & councillors in 2023.