Zimbabweans Step Up their Mission to Sue South African Government over Permanent Residence 

Hundreds of Zimbabweans who took the South African government to court over permanet residence have stepped up their efforts.


Simba Chitando who is one of the Lawyers representing the group say the delay is now threatening not only jobs but livelihoods.


“There is a wide connection between the two nations-as families and individuals of Zimbabweans.

This matter puts strain on families. The ZEP is limited to the holder. You have a situation where a South African spouse is affected by the fact that their husband or wife is on the ZEP and that

puts a stain on their relationship,” he said.


One of the applicants in court case says the South African Department of Home Affairs dragging

its feet on the matter opens a gap for the exploitation of Zimbabweans.


“The South African government has seen it fit to offer permanent residents to other nationals

such as the Germans and British not to their neigbours Zimbabwe. ”


The fate of the thousands of Zimbabweans will only be revealed in December this year when the

Zimbabwe Exemption Permits will expire.