Watch: Heart Breaking Funeral of Gweru Murdered Children

Two children from Gweru who were murdered by their father few weeks ago have been buried.

The heartbreaking funeral was attended by hundreds on Thursday.

On Monday, the allegedly Gweru killer man collapsed in Court.

He was facing charges of killing three individuals.

The Zimbabwe Republic police released the names of three people who were killed in a domestic dispute in Gweru on Monday.

Leo Kanyimo (38) allegedly killed his wife, Chipo Shava (30) along with two children Innocent Kanyimo (6) and Tadisa Kanyimo aged just 11 months.

Kanyimo murdered the three family members following an altercation with his wife over a US$1 note she had used to buy jiggies snacks for their kids.

One of the children is lucky to be alive after he was snatched away by neighbours who had to hide him during the raged attack.

He was found unconscious but the police say he is well.

In their memo released Wednesday, the police said they have attended the scene and discovered that,” a bedroom window was broken and Kanyimo’s wife was lying on the bed facing upwards.

“She had a deep cut on the chin and on the head.”
Kanyimo’s son was lying down on the floor naked with a stab wound on the left side of the chest.

There was a bloody wooden hoe handle near the body of his wife and a kitchen knife near the body of his son.
Kanyimo’s toddler daughter was lying on the road about 200 metres away from the house.

She had a deep cut on the head.

It is also reported that the man left other people who tried to intervene severely injured.

Allegations are that the Kanyimo used a knife and an axe to mutilate his victims.

It is said that his eldest son escaped death after being hidden by neighbours.

As he was trying to locate him that’s when neighbours mobbed up and restrained him, before tying him up with ropes.

Police were called in he was taken into custody, sources say.