Sybeth Musengezi drags Chamisa into dispute with Mnangagwa

Sybeth Musengezi, the ZANU-PF member who is taking ZANU-PF to court over the ascendancy of  Zimbabwe President, ED Mnangagwa into office, has revealed what he thinks Mnangagwa is doing wrong.

Writing on Facebook, Musengezi said:

After removing Cde Mugabe in 2017, if Cde Mnangagwa had sound advisors, he wouldn’t have missed a clear penalty to become Zim’s biblical Joshua.

Hunger for power took over and he became associated with political and business thugs, something Zimbabweans who ‘marched’ never expected.

After taking over, Mnangagwa should have read the people’s expectations and quickly call for a GNU with Dr. Tsvangirai, Simba Makoni, Mai Mujuru, Daniel Shumba and other useful opposition leaders to take the country out of economic and social doldrums. (1st Penalty missed).

After the disputed & controversial 2018 elections, instead of creating a gathering of snakes (Polad), Mnangagwa should have brotherly and genuinely sat down with Nelson Chamisa.

If these two had found common ground, Zimbabwe would by now be somewhere up there. (2nd Penalty missed).

Now we hear the same Sanctions rhetoric as the cause of our problems when we openly have a clique of thugs who’re busy milking the country and looting our resources.

We choose to ignore that corruption, policy inconsistency, abuse of property & human rights also cause suffering.