Dr Ian Ndlovu’s Prophecy About Travis Scott’s Concert Comes True 

Dr Ian Ndlovu’s prophecy about chaos during the Concert of Travis Scott has come true.


In April 2021, the leader and founder of Divine Kingdom Ministries revealed that there will be chaos and loss of life during the concert.

The prophecy came true as members of a densely packed crowd surged toward a stage and were crushed against each other at a Houston music festival Friday night.


At least eight people were killed and scores of others were injured in the chaos, witnesses and officials said.


The victims were 14, 16, two were 21, two were 23 and one was 27 years old, while one of the victim’s ages remains unknown, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced in a news conference Saturday evening.


There are no people reported missing, the mayor added.


At least 25 people were transported to the hospital and of those, 13 remained hospitalized Saturday afternoon, the mayor said.


Five of them are under 18 years old, he added.