Business Ventures for Tendai Ndoro’s Ex Wife Revealed

The business ventures of Thando Maseko, the ex-wife of Zimbabwean footballer Tendai Ndoro has finally been revealed.


Thando Maseko is living every young girl’s dream.


According to multiple sources, Maseko has a business venture popularly known as ‘Sparkle by Thando’.


Sparkle by Thando is a saloon that is owned by the ex-wife of Tendai Ndoro.


She founded the saloon in November 2020.


Maseko is also reportedly to be expanding her business of beauty and therapy.


In May 2021, she established another beauty and therapy shop.


Thando Maseko is also the founder of AT30 Style, a company founded by Ndoro and Maseko in November 2016.


The couple is also the owners of TT Avenu. However, the companies under Thando and Ndoro’s names will be diregistered soon.