Zodwa Mkandla Main Speaker of the Young Women In Leadership Round Table.

Businesswoman Zodwa Mkandla is the main speaker of the Young Women in Leadership roundtable in partnership with Young Global Leaders Network.

YGLN creates a platform for accomplished youth leaders from different facets of life to train and mentor the younger generation while gaining access to insights, tools, and opportunities to engage with key stakeholders and enhance their ability to influence global leaders.

Zodwa is the managing director of Traverze Travel Company which has its headquarters in Zimbabwe but has also gained roots in other countries.

On 22nd May 2017, she won the Women4Africa award for International Business Woman of the Year. The award has remained one of her greatest career milestones and achievements so far.

YGLN contributes with its commitment to the attainment and raising awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals through its strategic approach and yearly projects.