Makandiwa dumps Evidence Chari

Prophet Makandiwa has reportedly angrily hit back at Botswana based spiritual son, Evidence Chari.

This was reported by social media expert Proff Ex, who revealed on YouTube that Evidence Chari was leaking information about Makandiwa to him.

Further details were also leaked in a Facebook post, where Chari’s alleged transgressions, including cheating with Melody Dzingai, were exposed.

Proff Ex says Melody Dzingai is pregnant and was dating Chari

Writing on Facebook, Prof Ex said:

It’s clean up time for the Makandiwa’s after the mess the young boy Evidence Chari has been doing in Botswana.

Makandiwa has decided to send his now trusted son Chikuni “1 of the 2 stooges” to go and clean up the mess that EVIDENCE has caused in Botswana .

He failed ministry in South Africa, used South Africans to apply for church buildings, equipment etc and left them in debts now they can’t take any credit all because of Evidence .

He then decided to team up with Tannah (Bushiri’s) brother in law to go and open Botswana, massive crowds were coming until he started chowing Melody Dzingai the girlfriend to Tannah Israel .

All hell broke loose and Tannah pulled out, now the young man can’t even pull 200 people to his church meetings. He then started chowing money and the cookie from Melody Dzingai until she got pregnant with the child we have established belongs to Tannah not Evidence.

He has been sleeping with different women in Botswana impregnating them and terminating pregnancies.

In all this he was using Makandiwa’s name because he was the favorite son. Now Makandiwa has seen that his son is a snake he is now sending his stooge Pastor Chikuni, the Yes Man , Yes Papa , Mmmmh on his live broadcast to go and clean up.

Botswana, Chikuni is also a sniper when it comes to women, lock up your children the other version of Evidence is on his way.

Proff Ex said Makandiwa has decided to destroy Chari’s ministry in Botswana by deploying his other spiritual son, Pastor Promise Chikuni, to launch a competing ministry in Botswana.

Pastor Promise Chikuni (uh), will be launching a competing ministry in Botswana.

Chari has a successful ministry in Botswana, which will not survive if he is not aligned to Makandiwa.

Proff Ex hinted that Chari has approached Ambassador Urbert Angel, begging to work with him.

Chari was recently at the Garwe restaurant launch in Harare, where he was the guest of honor.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.