Jah Master, Madam Boss Appointed Brand Ambassador of TN Bakers

Prominent Zimbabwean celebrities Jah master, madam Boss and Cody the rank Marshall have all been appointed brand ambassadors of TN bakers.

Jah Master took to his social media to celebrate this milestone as he thanked his family , friends and supporters who have stood by him throughout this course as he came from nothing to be a celebrity.

“We would like thank you all family,fans and friends for the support you give now l have been chosen to be the brand ambassador of @thetnbaker .l am so much touched by the recognition that l am getting from big brands. Started from the bottom now we here and still aiming high,” he posted.

The organization also took to their social media to announce this historic deal as they seek to maximize on their market and out do competition.

Madam Boss continues to bag more endorsements as she already have more to her name. Cody might have clinched his biggest deal as he let it known in his remarks.