WATCH : Judges will hear Sybeth Musengezi case – Jonathan Moyo

WATCH as former Zim information minister and G40 Kingpin, Prof Jonathan Moyo speaks on the ongoing court case in which Zimbabwe President, ED Mnangagwa, had been taken to court by  Sybeth Musengezi.

Speaking on a Sapes Trust zoom hosted by Ibbo Mandaza, Prof Moyo said what happened during the period when Mugabe was toppled was an illegality and is. A continuous illegality.

He said the process followed was not in line with the ZANU-PF constitution and was not ratified by a future congress as ZANU-PF has not held a congress since the events of November 2017.

Moyo said there is no judge who would embarrass himself by refusing to hear the case, for which ZANU-PF is the first respondent.

Moyo said its not correct to say Sybeth was sent by someone to launch the court case as the case comes naturally after the MDC-T Elias Mashavira court case, which is exactly similar.

Moyo said it does not matter that the case was brought after 3 years, because an illegality can be challenged at any time.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.