Ian khama Flees Botswana

The former president of Botswana, Ian Khama has fled Botswana for South Africa fearing imminent arrest.

This comes after a court order for him to relinquish his weapons to the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) was granted.

Khama reportedly left Serowe this morning heading for Gaborone, but his trip was allegedly altered as it took him to his farm in Tswapong, possibly just as a decoy.

He allegedly ended up at the Martin’s Drift border where he supposedly parted ways with his usual security detail. Private security took over as Khama crossed the border into neighbouring SA pressing his own security detail to return home

A helicopter believed to be waiting in one of the farms allegedly airlifted him without following the normal travel protocols, which raised fears that Khama could have skipped the country ahead of handing in the weapons.

Khama told Botswana media that he was free to travel to any country without looking for permission.

“I am in SA and I don’t need permission from anyone to travel,” Khama is quoted saying, ” I haven’t skipped the country. I have travelled to SA as many other people do”.