A Harare man, Tafadzwa Tamangani (46), has accused Norton legislator Temba Mliswa of snatching his wife.

Tamangani appeared at the Harare Magistrates court on allegations of assaulting his wife Janet but he denied the charge, saying her relationship with Mliswa was causing problems in his family.

Tamangani told the court that Janet moved in with Mliswa at the latter’s house for three months before she came back home trying to evict him with a peace order.
He also claimed that he was in possession of Janet’s pictures with Mliswa.

Tamangani further submitted that he reported her to the police after she stole US$1.5 million from a safe.

Prosecutors told the court that on 7 June this year, the complainant arrived home from an outing in the company of her four children and discovered that the bedroom was locked when she tried to enter.

It is further alleged that upon asking for the keys from the accused, a misunderstanding ensued.

The complainant managed to get the keys and the accused grabbed her by the jacket, pushing her against the wall and dragged her around.

Meanhwile, Mliswa said he would like to set the record straight on the malicious and half-baked yellow story by the Herald.

Temba said Janet Tamangani and him have known each other since their parents were friends. They were both in Zambia. We lived in Waterfalls together& both of us went to Lord Malvern.

“At some point I even assisted her to go to the UK. I have always been a person with whom she talks candidly. We have also done business together because she is a sharp business person. We have been that close. I’m an uncle to their kids and we know each other very well”.

“He used to draw money clandestinely from their accounts. He has always abused her, beat her up and I have previously told Janet to take the kids to boarding school so as to avoid the toxic atmosphere at home.”