Angry George Charamba Blocks Sybeth Musengezi on Twitter

Presidential spokesman, George Charamba, yesterday has blocked Zanu-PF member, Sybeth Musengezi on Twitter.

Sybeth, a controversial Zanu PF card holding member, took to social media to reveal that he has been blocked by Charamba.

“Childish leadership, George Charamba @Jamwanda2 . They are allergic to the truth. They must know that we’re nolonger cheer leaders, we are demanding a better Zimbabwe,” he posted.

Musengezi started trending a few weeks ago, after he challenged President Mnangagwa’s legitimacy as both national and Zanu PF leader in the high Court.

Musengezi is seeking nullification of the November 19, 2017 central committee meeting which appointed Mnangagwa as ZANU-PF leader.

Musengezi was the  secretary for business development and liaison, Muzinda WaMugabe district, Zone 4, Harare province before the November 2017 coup.