Isaac Kgosi Granted Bail

Botswana former spy chief, Isaac Kgosi was granted P5000 baill by village magistrate court yesterday.

Delivering her verdict, Judge Lindiwe Makgoro said there is no compelling reason to remand the accused while investigations are still at infant stage.

Kgosi is set to appear on the 7th of December to pay up P5000 for his bail. He has been asked to comply with all the court orders.

Represented by Tshiamo Rantao among others, the state wanted Kgosi to be remanded.

The state argued that Kgosi might temper with witnesses, and the case since he is a former intelligence boss, hence still has connections in the civil service.

The charges which Kgosi is facing are severe which can land him up to twenty-five (25) in jail if found guilty.