Evidence Chari Celebrates His Spiritual Father Emmanuel Makandiwa

South African based prophet Evidence Chari is celebrating his spiritual father Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Posting on social media, Chari praised Makandiwa for being one of the greatest prophets who was able to forsee the Covid 19 pandemic before anyone else.

“Today let’s celebrate the man who saw the pandemic before anyone had clue . The man who filled the National stadium inside out until gates where closed”.

In 2020 prophet Jay Israel accused Makandiwa and his spiritual son Chari of covering up the killing of a Chinese child in Zimbabwe.

Chari added that Makandiwa has proven to the world that uprightness is a possibility.

The man who has acquired wealth but never changes the gospel. The definition of humility .The Wisdom of God. A man who’s mind is sharper than the wisest

“I call him Baba Evidence, King Dad , Thee Unmatched Grandfather Just type something good if you’re not jealousy of an African man who’s a mystery to this world”.