Doves Says Chimwamurombe Lawyer Demanded US$123 000 and an SUV within 12 hours as a Bribe

Doves Holdings Zimbabwe says one of the lawyers of Maxwell Chimwamurombe gave the company an ultimatum to give him US$123 000 and an SUV within 12 hours or else he would tarnish their image by publicising the bizarre case of the empty coffin.

This comes after Doves counter-attacked and accused the lawyers of the grieving family of trying to extort them.

The family of the late Maxwell Chimwamurombe has alleged that Doves gave them an empty coffin when they wanted to bury their relative.

The family, which is being represented by ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice, has alleged that upon realising the shocking mistake, Doves launched a massive cover-up that involved burying the body of the deceased in a mass grave.

Now Doves has accused Fungai Chimwamurombe, a senior partner at ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice, of trying to extort them.

Below is the letter from Doves Holdings’ lawyers, Mutangamira and Associates over the matter.