UN orders USA to lift Zimbabwe sanctions

Elena Douhan, the UN special rapporteur on unilateral coercive measures, has called for the lifting of unilateral sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Douhan has just completed a two-week visit of the country during which she held meetings with government officials and some interest groups.

Douhan visited Harare and Bulawayo, and held meetings with state officials, members of civil society, trade unions, faith based religious organizations, political parties, private companies and businesses associations, the diplomatic corps and other stakeholders.

In a statement, Douhan said the Western sanctions have “exacerbated pre-existing social and economic challenges with devastating consequences for the people of Zimbabwe”.

“Over the last 20 years, Sanctions and various forms of over-compliance with Sanctions have had insidious ripple effect on the economy of Zimbabwe and on the enjoyment of fundamental human right, including access to health, food, safe drinking water and sanitation, education and employment,” Douhan said.

The rapporteur will present her concluding observations to the UN Human Rights Council in September 2022.