Setfree Mafukidze Gets Married

Zimbabwean politician Setfree N Mafukidze has finally got married to his long time partner Ashillar Mapfumo.

Mafukidze took to social media to reveal that he held a wedding ceremony with his wife.

He also wrote a long message thanking his wife for always being there for him.

“Wedding Day

Marriages are special, weddings are there to confirm that,they are there to show the world that love exists,despite all the ups and downs we face,all the challenges we may have it is critical to fight for our marriages and love unconditionally.

Ashillar Mapfumo you have stood by me through the worst times,you have loved me,you have been a friend and l appreciate you so much,l will love you always,l will care for you through the days of our lives.


Thank you for being a friend and thank you for loving me.Love you always my Wife,” he posted