Details of Chamisa’s role in Mashumba ‘s harvest house press conference emerge

Chamisa and Khuphe join hands to fight Mwonzora

The role of MDC Alliance President, Nelson Chamisa, in this week’s violent scenes involving MDC-T youths in Harare has been laid bare.

Gambakwe Media sources have linked Chamisa and MDC-T Vice President, Thokozani Khuphe to the aborted press conference that degenerated into violence.

A letter written by Kudzanai Mashumba reveals the intricate plan to link Mwonzora with Mnangagwa and paint him as an illegitimate puppet opposition leader who has been appointed by Mnangagwa to distabilise the opposition.

Mashumba, who was prevented from addressing a press conference on Thursday, made serious claims about Morgan Tsvangirai and Mwonzora in a letter that is being circulated on social media.

Mashumba claims in the letter that Tsvangirai instructed provinces not to vote for Chamisa as Secretary General in 2014 and instead lobbied for Mwonzora. He says Chamisa was always the people ‘s favorite.

Mashumba also claims that Mwonzora is working with Mnangagwa on a plan to postpone the 2023 elections and all by-elections and form a government of national unity (GNU).

Mashumba further slams Mwonzora for holding talks with Mnangagwa and agreeing to join POLAD, actions that he say are against the values of the MDC, which was formed to unseat ZANU-PF.


It is becoming apparent that Chamisa has cut a deal with some senior MDC Alliance leaders, particularly, Khuphe, for whom Mashumba has been working as an aide since 2018.

Khuphe, who was angered by the treatment she received at the December MDC-T congress, where she lost to Mwonzora by a wide margin, is using Mashumba to launch an indirect attack on Mwonzora.

Gambakwe Media sources reveal that Khupe has been holding secret talks with Chamisa with the possibility of eventually joining hands with him if she loses at the upcoming MDC-T congress.

The sources revealed that Khuphe and her supporters believe that Mwonzora is negotiating a GNU deal with Mnangagwa that will exclude them.

On the other hand, Chamisa is desperate to get back into harvest house and is willing to support Khuphe at the next MDC-T congress, said the sources.

Chamisa is alarmed at the loss of support he has experienced among the grassroots and the inroads that Mwonzora is making among ordinary Zimbabweans.

The sources revealed that Mashumba ‘s press conference was planned from Khupe’ s office and was meant to project Mwonzora as a violent, undemocratic and captured leader.

Mashumba was reportedly smuggled by Khuphe ‘s people to the press conference venue at the Media Center , catching Mwonzora’ a security  and youths unawares.

Mwonzora’ s people were surprised to find Mashumba already addressing the press conference and had to act decisively to eject him.

The sources say Khuphe believes she is the most popular leader from Matabeleland and is capitalizing on the bad blood between Chamisa and Welshman Ncube, and sees a gap which she can fill if she joins hands with Chamisa to dislodge Mwonzora.

Mashumba has been the secret messenger between Chamisa and Khuphe, the sources revealed.

Pictures of Mashumba with Chamisa and Charlton Hwende have been circulating on social media, revealing that Mashumba has been in touch with Chamisa in recent times.

The latest in-fighting in the MDC-T reveals the dark side of the MDC-T formations, which continuously split.

Please see Mashumba ‘s full statement below :

MDC-T spokesman, Witness Dube, issued a statement yesterday saying the MDC-T youths were non violent and protected Mashumba from being attacked by a member of the public.

Speaking to Gambakwe Media on Thursday , Mwonzora’ s spokesman, Loyyd Damba said Mashumba has an ongoing case at the Labour court against the MDC-T and he can not speak more on the issue.